Sanatorium “Kolkhida” is situated on the unique coast rich in pine-trees. It has a private 3 ha yard and 250 meters long private beach. Our health and treatment complex offers services with a mix of comfort and traditional Georgian hospitality. Subtropical climate, warm sea, sun and unique magnetic sand – this true magic of the nature offers magnificent possibilities for rest, health and treatment.

The Complex Offers The Following Facilities:

  • 76 standard rooms;
  • 12 suites;
  • 3 apartments;
  • Magnetic sand beach;
  • Towels, Shower Facility;
  • Beach Chairs And Umbrellas;
  • Dinner Hall With The Capacity Of 160 Persons;
  • Restaurant and café-bar with live music;
  • Bar with a terrace and a sea view;
  • Bungalow;
  • Children’s playground;
  • Football and Handball pitches;
  • Billiard;
  • Table tennis;
  • Summer cinema;
  • Wall for mountaineering;
  • Conference hall;
  • Massage cabinet;
  • Satellite TV;
  • Wireless internet;
  • 24 hour guard;
  • Animators;
  • Tourist tours;
  • Entertainment programmes;
  • Professional rescue teams;
  • Secure parking;
  • Photo and video service;
  • Babysitting;
  • Laundry service;
  • Birthday parties;

Ethnographic-cultural corner:

Sanatorium Kolkhida

There is an ethnographic-cultural corner on the rpemises of the sanatorium “Kolkhida”, where visitors can get acquainted with the Georgian cuisine, Georgian tradition of cooking particular meals and the diversity of Georgian table-serving (“supra”).

Autumn and vintage is associated for every georgian, especially children, with churchkhela and janjukha. How to make pelamushi and churchkhela – you will see it at the sanatorium “Kolkhida”.

Short course in georgian cuisine:

Sanatorium Kolkhida

At the sanatorium “Kolkhida” we offer our visitors to get acquainted and learn the best traditions of Georgian cuisine.

  • Georgian tradition of making khinkali;
  • The tasty barbeque made on wood fire;
  • Making of khachapuri, there are different traditions of making khachapuri in every region of Georgia, this is why there are different kinds of the dish: Imeretian khachapuri on a pan and in the wood oven, Megrelian khachapuri, Ajarian khachapuri, etc;
  • The greatest asset of the Georgian table – lamb chakapuli (stewed lamb);
  • Ghomi, sulguni (cheese sort) and elarji, maise pan-cakes (mchadi), Svanetian kupdari;
  • The main sweets of the Georgian New Year’s table: gozinaki made from aromatic honey and wallnut;

You can learn all this from Georgian cooks in the Gurian house at the sanatorium “Kolkhida.